Features of Email Marketing Software

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In email marketing marketers provide information about their products and services by sending emails to large lists of email addresses. A large number of free and standard web mail services are available to send email for personal use. However, if you want to launch an effective email marketing campaign on a large scale then email marketing software tools are necessary since web email and standard email tools don’t provide comprehensive features for marketers.

1. Automated management of email address lists is a useful feature of email marketing software tools. They allow people to add or remove themselves from your lists without your intervention. They may also scan out dead email addresses automatically from lists, which significantly reduce the number of “Mail Undeliverable” messages. You save time due to the automation of functions, thus allowing you to concentrate on the actual message.

2. When a person signs up to your email list, an automated welcome message is sent to him or her. This message is pre-created in your email marketing software.

3. You can track and generate reports on your sent email messages which will be helpful to bring necessary adjustments to your email campaign. How many emails have been sent? Which link is popular? What is the ratio of response of your readers? Who reads your message? Whether people click on your provided link or not? How many people have removed them from your email list?

4. You can optimize your email marketing campaign according to your requirements such as:

a. Your email messages should fulfill legal requirements.

b. Format your emails to make them easier and more understandable for your readers. You can add pictures and links to guide your readers. Email marketing software tools are designed to send pictures and rich text. Web mail and other free tools don’t provide these features.

c. It should notify that your email message has been delivered.

d. Your tool should be able to personalize email message to each of the email address.

5. All vendors provide support and advice to their clients to use their tool effectively and efficiently.  This support and help can be obtained at a reasonable price. This price varies from tool to tool depending on the features your tool contains. There are many tools that can integrate with your CRM to launch your email campaign effectively.

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3 Features Your Email Marketing Software Should Have

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Email remains to be among the best marketing tools you can use to improve returns for your business. With the right strategy you can nurture leads and increase sales because email offers easy acquisition, awareness, retention and eventual conversion of customers. With the right software you can create email lists, send out messages to relevant contacts and even use templates to put together an email marketing campaign that brings you good rewards.

When it comes to email marketing software, there is abundance, but when you know what features matter most in a solution then you will manage to select software that works for your business goals. Not all software options are designed to function the same way and hence some will be better than others in terms of overall performance. Here are a few of the most important features that the best email marketing software should have.

1. CRM integration

Automating marketing processes offer lots of advantages and this is something you should be able to achieve with the right software. Customer relationship management should be easy to integrate using the software so you can align marketing and sales for campaigns that are effective in bringing strong ROI. Interacting with customers helps you discover lots of things so you can offer them what they expect from your marketing. Proper CRM integration makes real time data updates easy and ensures that all your records remain up to date for upcoming campaigns for that matter. Check to see that the software’s API makes this kind of integration possible.

2. Visual customization

The truth is that people decide to read or ignore email content depending on how it looks. When looking for good email marketing software, it should offer attractive visuals so that you can put together a campaign targeted audience will love reading. Drag and drop functionality, pre designed templates, photo editing features and responsive design are some of the important aspects when it comes to visual editing on your software. With the features you will not need to redesign newsletters every time you need to communicate to your customers and potentials. The right software will eliminate hard work and makes it possible for you, create campaign design that is a winner from the word go.

3. Reports and analytics

An overview of email marketing campaign performance is of great importance. This is the only way you will be in a position to know what metrics are bringing on positive results and what is not working. You put together a campaign with hopes it meets your goals and your email marketing software should help you keep track of what matters most. Using software analytics, you can see devices subscribers are using to read the emails, whether they print, forward or delete the emails, how long they take reading your content and even what email contents receive the most clicks. With such insights you will be able to optimize email campaigns in such a way that the overall results are improved.

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